Jimmy Page Shares The Story Of How He Ended Up Recording His First Soundtrack Album

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page made yet another ‘on this day’ session on his official Instagram account and managed to stun his fans with a great story.

This time, he wanted to talk about the first soundtrack album he released in his career back in 1982 and revealed how he decided to join this project and release an album.

As you might remember, the action movie Death Wish II released in 1982, and Jimmy Page released thirty-seven minutes long album for the movie, which features a total of twelve songs that all written by Page himself.

In the caption, Jimmy stated that the director of the movie contacted him and asked him if he could do a soundtrack album. At that time, Jimmy had his own studio and saw this opportunity as a challenge, and that’s why he accepted the offer.

Here is what Jimmy Page said:

“On this day in 1982, Death Wish II was released. Around July 1981, I was contacted by director Michael Winner to view a rough cut of his latest film, Death Wish II; the second film in what was to become a popular series of cult thrillers.

When I viewed this film the required music sections had been identified; it was ninety minutes long and would need forty-five minutes of music, from pieces barely a few seconds in length through to the longest piece; a chase section lasting five minutes and fifty seconds.

Michael asked me if I would like to compose the soundtrack. At this time I had my own studio, The Sol, and saw this as being an exciting challenge.

Although the songs with vocals were only set to appear in the film for a matter of seconds, I had recorded full versions of them anyway. It was just as well I did, a three quarters of the way through this writing, recording and transfer process, it was put to me that the record label, Atlantic, wanted an album.”

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