Phil Anselmo Shares Dimebag Darrell’s ‘Biggest Dream’ For Pantera

The lead vocalist of Pantera, Phil Anselmo, recently gave an interview to The Pit and revealed the late guitarist Dimebag Darrell‘s and drummer Vinnie Paul‘s ultimate goal for the band and its legacy.

Pantera has become one of the most influential metal acts, especially in making the groove metal subgenre popular. The band’s best-known successful line-up consisted of the vocalist Phil Anselmo, the guitarist Dimebag Darrell, the drummer Vinnie Paul, and the bassist Rex Brown. They gained great recognition with the albums like ‘Cowboys From Hell’ and ‘Vulgar Display of Power,’ in which they experimented with heavier sounds.

Although the band enjoyed success since the beginning of its appearance on the metal scene, Pantera split in 2003 due to unresolved issues among the band members. After the disbandment, the Abbott Brothers, Dimebag Darrell, and Vinnie Paul, continued their career with their band Damageplan. However, Darrell was killed by a mentally unstable fan during their show in Ohio in 2004. While his brother pursued a career with Hellyeah, he also passed away due to dilated cardiomyopathy and coronary artery disease in 2018.

In the previous days, Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown informed the fans that they would hit the road for a reunion tour beginning in 2023. They also announced that Black Label Society’s Zakk Wylde will join this reunion tour, replacing Darrell, and Anthrax’s Charlie Benante will play drums, replacing Paul.

The news from the surviving Pantera members has thrilled many fans, as the band’s last tour was 22 years ago. On the other hand, others criticized the group’s Pantera reunion tour without Darrell and Paul. Guitarist Zakk Wylde addressed this issue by saying that this reunion tour will be a celebration for all the deceased and surviving Pantera members.

In a recent interview, Anselmo stated that Darrell and Paul always described Pantera as their legacy and a path to success. According to the vocalist’s opinion, the pair would wish the band to carry on its legacy with the name of Pantera. Anselmo noted that keeping the band’s name alive would be the late Darrell and Paul’s ‘biggest dream.’

Phil Anselmo said the following talking about Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul:

“Dimebag and Vince always wanted this band to be a legacy band, to be massive, to be our own conduit to success, simply put. I think Dime and Vince, huh, I know Dime and Vince would want the legacy and the name of Pantera to go on and on and on and in everybody’s damn face. I know that for sure. Absa-f*cking-utely dude, that would be their biggest dream.”

You can watch the interview below.