Paul Stanley Reacts To Joe Bonamassa’s Stage Debut After Pandemic Restrictions


The successful blues-rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter Joe Bonamassa shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing a video from when he first stepped foot on stage after being away from a live audience for months. His close friend, KISS frontman Paul Stanley reacted to those special moments and congratulated his fellow rocker.

As some of you might know, Paul Stanley and Joe Bonamassa have a beautiful friendship. The two often share posts on their social media accounts, and they compliment each other whenever they see a new project of each other or celebrate each other’s birthdays.

Furthermore, one time, Joe Bonamassa had an argument with a fan on Twitter over his performance. Bonamassa slammed the fan, saying he doesn’t understand how people feel confident enough to question a performer’s credibility when they have no experience of being on stage.

After seeing the disrespectful comment, the KISS frontman couldn’t help but support his friend and shared a post on his official Twitter page. In his post, Paul Stanley stated that unhappy and jealous people try to make others unhappy too. Therefore, Bonamass should continue spreading his joy and positivity.

Recently, Joe shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing the moment he made his live show debut since the Covid-19 outbreak. The guitarist had a cheering crowd in front of him, and he thanked his fans for coming to the show.

Bonamassa stated in his post:

“A moment I never thought I would see again. Thank you so much for showing up tonight!”

Following Bonamassa’s tweet, Paul Stanley also shared a post on his official Twitter page stating how happy he was to see his fellow rocker stepping foot on stage after a long break. In addition to this, Stanley congratulated Joe Bonamassa for bringing so many people together and getting the opportunity to meet with his fans once again.

In his tweet, Stanley shared:

“What an AWESOME sight! Congrats, Joe!

You can see the Twitter posts below.