Bon Bon Jovi Clarifies Misleading Comment About Affairs During Marriage

You might have heard about Jon Bon Jovi’s comments about 100 affairs during his marriage. Well, it turns out that he didn’t make himself very clear.

During a new interview with The Guardian, the Bon Jovi singer clarified his earlier comments about the affairs he ‘had’ with 100 girls. He explained what he meant to say instead:

“That was an interesting moment where the brain and lips don’t connect. What I meant to say was I’ve had a hundred women who have thrown themselves at me, but I didn’t finish the sentence so I really came off like an arrogant cliche.”

During the same interview, he also talked about his wife in celebration of his 35-year anniversary:

“I just got it right the first time. I was blessed to have known her since we were kids and I couldn’t have ever imagined life any differently.”

What Jon Said Earlier

Earlier, the rocker talked to Independent about his relationship and the rockstar life. He admitted he wasn’t always faithful, but he called it the typical rockstar stuff:

“All those classic rockstar clichés, you know? I’m not gonna pretend I’ve always been a saint, but I’ve also been smart enough not to mess up my home life.”

After that, things got a bit interesting. Jon’s wife Dorothea Hurley didn’t show up at Hulu’s special screening of ‘Thank You Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story.’ The event was at IPIC Theater, but Jon walked the red carpet alone. Some said she was sick, but nothing official was announced.

Later, Jon admitted in another interview that he’s not a saint and hinted he had quite the dating life:

“I’ve had my fair share of adventures. I mean, I’m Jon Bon Jovi, a rock and roll star. Let’s just say there were plenty of girls around.”

Jon’s Relationship Doesn’t ‘Need Rules’

Although his comments and confessions caused controversy, Jon opened up more about the current state of his marriage in a separate interview. He said:

“I don’t believe we need strict rules. It’s more like a mutual admiration society. It’s really that simple. You wake up in the morning thrilled to be with each other. You admire and respect each other. It’s a joy to experience and to be part of.”

He also mentioned how his wife is the one who keeps everything together, calling her ‘the glue’ of their relationship.