Tyler Joseph On Considering Twenty One Pilots’ Third Album Their Debut

Though ‘Vessel’ is Twenty One Pilots’ third studio album, it’s the band’s major-label debut record. Moreover, it gained significant recognition after its release on January 8, 2013, since the album debuted at number 58 on the Billboard 200, eventually reaching number 21. Since the record’s massive success, the band celebrated its tenth anniversary via a live stream where Tyler Joseph spoke about the album’s importance.

“It’s always been a weird conversation talking about the album ‘Regional At Best,’” said Joseph before explaining what it’s like to release an album independently. “To give you guys some context, the first record that Josh and I released was independently, and it was a self-titled record.”

The musician stated, “And when I say ‘independently,’ you record 14 songs in your home studio, and you go, ‘This is it, so I guess let’s pay some company to print the CDs and have them ready for people to buy at shows.’ That was pretty much what that meant, to release something independently.”

The frontman later recalled when the band got signed to Fueled by Ramen after releasing ‘Regional At Best,’ saying, “And then we recorded more songs, and then we decided to release ‘Regional At Best.’ Well, right around the time that we got signed was the time that we released ‘Regional At Best.’”

“The whole point of putting out one of those records was so that we would have music to play live,” continued Joseph. The singer admitted recording the album to have songs to play during their live shows, noting, “At that time, we were kinda like, ‘Let’s just put something together. That way, we can play shows.’ And so it wasn’t a professionally recorded record; it was really just material to go and play.”

The Twenty One Pilots vocalist also pointed out that the band decided to change direction after they got signed. He said, “‘The Regional At Best’ conversation, just to wrap it up: it was just a record that we had on the merch table when we were performing independently, and then we wanted to go record a real, professional record when we got signed.”

Tyler concluded his words on their third record, explaining, “Some of those songs we took from ‘Regional At Best’ and kind of re-recorded them, and some of us had written new ones since then. And that’s what ‘Vessel’ is. I know some people might not like this, but I kind of view Vessel as our first record.”

This statement clearly revealed Joseph’s opinion on their third album. According to him, the band’s attitude toward recording ‘Vessel’ turned it into a debut record since the previous albums weren’t about releasing; they were about having live shows.