Eddie Van Halen’s Widow Janie Says She Missed Her Family While Joining Easter Celebration Of Her Friends


Late Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen’s wife Janie Van Halen shared a post on her official Instagram page revealing pictures from an Easter celebration while expressing her longing for her family since she lost three members last year including her husband.

As many of you might know, Janie Van Halen had a rough year back in 2020, possibly even tougher than everyone else since not only she had to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, but she also had to deal with the loss of her husband, Eddie Van Halen, her brother Tom, and her mother.

While 2020 started quite challenging for the whole world thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, Eddie Van Halen’s wife has to experience a heartbreaking incident right in the middle of the year when she lost her brother Tom on June 17, 2020.

While Janie was still recovering from losing a brother, the devastating news shook the world just as much as her since only four months after losing a family member, it was announced that her husband, legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen passed away on October 6, 2020, after losing his long battle with throat cancer.

On top of losing her significant other, and a close family member, Janie Van Halen, once again, had to say goodbye to a loved one, her mother. Just two months after losing her husband, her mother passed away on 23 November 2020, as Janie revealed via an Instagram post.

Although it’s hard to imagine what Janie Van Halen had to go through for the past year, it must be a challenge every single day, however, for special holidays whereas family gatherings are essential such as Easter, it should be even harder. Apparently, it actually is since Janie shared a post on her official Instagram page expressing her longing for her family while thanking her friends for inviting her over for an Easter celebration.

Here is what Janie said:

“Thank you to the Martinez Family for including me in your #Easter celebration. 💖
I very much appreciated having somewhere to go and people to spend time with. #missingmyfamily 😥 #ihopethisgetseasieroneday”

You can see the Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Janie Van Halen – Instagram Post