Nita Strauss Shares Alice Cooper’s Initial Reaction To Her Departure

Promoting her new solo album, ‘The Call of the Void,’ Nita Strauss recently joined an interview with AXS TV. During the chat, she discussed her short-term exit from Alice Cooper’s band and her relationship with the singer. Dismissing internet rumors, the guitarist commented:

“[We’re on] the best of terms, honestly. You know, anybody familiar with Alice and how his band has always been knows that he always encourages people to go out and do different things. He has famously said it on tons of occasions. So, it really wasn’t as dramatic as the internet made it seem. I think I just may have caught him on a slow news week.”

Strauss shared the news about joining Demi Lovato‘s tour with Cooper and his wife during the UK leg of his 2022 tour. According to her words in a past interview with Loudwire Nights, the couple reacted as follows:

“They hugged me and were so happy and gave their absolute blessing. Alice said, ‘We’re so proud of you. Go out, shine your light, have a great time, and we’ll see what happens for next year.’ There was never a, ‘Hey, I quit, goodbye, thanks for everything.’ It was just, ‘I’m gonna take a step back, try something different for a few months and we’ll regroup and see what happens.'”

The vocalist responded to the guitarist’s return in a similar tone when she announced it on social media last March. Sharing a post on Instagram, he wrote:

“She’s Back! Nita asked for a leave of absence to work with someone else, something I always encourage my band members to do. I like them to challenge themselves and try new things. I’m thankful to my old friend Kane Roberts for stepping up and filling in for her, but she’ll be back with us for the new tour starting in late April. It’s going to be great to have her back!”

After the conclusion of her solo tour for ‘The Call of the Void’ in mid-July, Strauss is set to rejoin Alice Cooper for the release of his new album ‘Road’ and a new tour in August.