Nita Strauss Discusses The Inspiration Behind Her ‘Eruption’ Moment

In her recent interview with Total Guitar, guitarist Nita Strauss talked about her album ‘The Call of The Void’, and gave insight into her new song ‘Digital Bullets’. The song was created with Chris Motion of Motionless, and songwriter Johnny Andrews as co-writer.

When the thought process behind the making of the song was asked, Strauss answered:

“[Johnny] asked what made me angry, and I said, ‘All these motherf*ckers on the internet who tell everybody else how to live their lives but don’t have any real-world experience!’’’

Nita added, referring to the comments she received when she announced she would be joining Demi Lovato on her ‘Holy Fvck’ tour:

“All the detractors from the Demi Lovato thing last year. They’re not actual musicians working in the industry. They’re just keyboard warriors, firing digital bullets from behind a screen but never being strong enough to say those things to someone’s face.”

The guitarist also explained her feelings about the main goal of ‘Digital Bullets,’ saying:

“Crafting this song and solo was a big ‘F*ck you’ to all the haters. I think it was Johnny who said, ‘Why don’t you have an ‘Eruption’ moment as a big middle finger to these people?’ So I came up with that!”

Strauss recently got back together with Demi for a show in New Jersey. After Lovato’s tour ended, Nita returned to Alice Cooper for their album ‘Road’, while simultaneously touring for her solo album ‘The Call of the Void’. In her interview with ABC Radio, the guitarist mentioned a possibility of collaborating with Demi again.

In an another interview with Ultimate Guitar, Nita’s comment about working with Lovato was:

“It was an amazing experience working with Demi. Obviously, I come from the rock/hard rock/metal world, and I am so used to fans being up in arms anytime something changes(…)”

Nita also talked about how she came together with Demi Lovato, and ‘mentioned that the news headlines misled what truly happened and blew the story out of proportion.’ You can also read the full details here.