Nita Strauss On Demi Lovato’s Wish To Introduce Rock To The Mainstream

In a recent interview with Guitar World, former Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss shared her thoughts about joining Demi Lovato‘s band. She added that it was an opportunity to introduce rock music to the mainstream audience.

Nita Strauss has been in the Alice Cooper band since 2014, an absolute dream for many rock guitarists in the industry. The guitarist dropped a bomb on her fans when she announced this summer that she would not be joining Alice Cooper on his fall tour. However, her fans were even more shocked when the guitarist announced she was joining Demi Lovato’s all-female lineup for her ‘Holy Fvck’ tour.

The rocker mentioned that the news headlines misled what truly happened and blew the story out of proportion. When the opportunity arose for her to play with Demi, she talked to Alice Cooper and had a very supportive conversation. Strauss didn’t expect the backlash she received as she didn’t see it as leaving Alice Cooper forever. She just didn’t want to miss this opportunity to do new things.

Nita Strauss recently revealed that she was on tour with her solo band opening for Black Label Society when she got the call for the Lovato gig. Strauss said that Demi wanted to transition to rock music, and they wanted Nita to join her. As a rock guitarist, she felt ecstatic at the thought of bringing rock music to a mainstream audience.

Strauss’ words about Demi Lovato’s transition to rock music:

“It was the last day of that tour when I got a call saying Demi Lovato wanted to go in a rock direction, and she was putting together an all-female band. They wanted to know if I’d be interested, and I thought, ‘Yeah, of course!’ What guitar player wouldn’t be excited for that kind of opportunity? Bringing this type of music we love to a more mainstream audience.”

In the eyes of the guitarist, joining an all-female rock band loved by the younger generation, which is unfamiliar with rock music, was a decision she didn’t take lightly. It is apparent that she wants to be a source of inspiration for the new generation of female rockers who get up on stage and have a blast.