Anthrax’s Scott Ian Explains Dimebag Darrell’s Power Over People

Anthrax’s guitarist Scott Ian recently opened up about his close friendship with the late Dimebag Darrell and his brother Vinnie Paul. In an interview with AXS TV, Ian candidly reminisced about the bond he and the Abbott brothers shared over the years.

Scott Ian’s friendship with Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul was evidently strong, with Dimebag even providing guest guitar solos for Anthrax on several occasions. This connection led Ian to affectionately refer to Dimebag as the sixth member of the band.

In the interview, Ian fondly recalled the early days of their friendship, which began in 1986 when they were all struggling musicians. He emphasized how he always looked forward to seeing the Abbott brothers and cherished the time they spent together. According to Ian, Dimebag’s energy had a positive impact on him, and he couldn’t wait for the next opportunity to hang out.

Scott Ian said the following about his friendship with the Abbott brothers:

“The bottom line of the whole thing is we met in 1986 for the first time, and neither of us had a pot to piss in. So, that’s when we initially bonded with Dimebag and Vinnie. Anytime we would come through Texas, we would see those guys and hang out, and they would always throw us a very good time. We always looked forward to seeing them.

You know, you don’t bump into guys all over the world like Darrell; it just doesn’t happen. I just loved him and his energy; I loved being around him. I always felt better after being around him, and I looked forward to the next time we were going to get to hang out.”

Scott Ian also shared a memorable experience he had with the Abbott brothers in 1997 when Anthrax played with them in Dallas, their hometown. He described the event as fantastic and felt incredibly privileged to watch the brothers perform in front of a sold-out arena filled with their local fans.

Recalling their Dallas show, Ian continued:

“We got to play with them in Dallas in 1997, arguably their peak of success around that time, and a big, giant, sold-out arena show. I got to watch them in front of their hometown crowd. Yeah, it was fantastic; it was incredible to just stand on the side and witness that.”

Looking back at the strong bond between Ian and the Abbott brothers, it’s evident that their friendship went beyond just music. The mutual respect and admiration they had for each other transcended musical collaboration, leaving an indelible mark on Scott Ian’s life.