Axl Rose Had A Certain Way Of Apologizing To His Crew, Ex-Guns N’ Roses Employee Says

Guns N’ Roses pyrotechnician Pyro Pete recently spoke on the YouTube channel Appetite for Distortion and revealed that Axl Rose would take the whole crew out to dinner to apologize for the problems he caused during the shows.

Frontman Axl Rose is known for his wild rock star image and numerous crazy stories throughout his music career. Although it may be hard to believe, most of these stories, including the random fights he started, showing up hours late for the shows or recordings, and leaving the stage in the middle of concerts, are accurate.

Maybe Axl Rose took the lead with bizarre scandals that constantly emerged, but all Guns N’ Roses members proved themselves violent in their own way. Considering the singer’s turbulent behaviors toward his crew, the internal problems among them were also inevitable. However, Rose had apparently found a way of making it up to them, as revealed by the band’s pyrotechnician Pyro Pete.

In a recent conversation, Pete stated that Axl Rose was highly aware of the problems and complications he caused to everyone. So, he would occasionally organize dinners as a way of apologizing. The singer would take care of everyone in the crew during those dinners. He would say hello to them, have little conversations, or thank them for their hard work. Pyro Pete noted that it was just who he was. Then, he would once again become the same troublemaker when showtime approached but would still be nice during soundcheck.

Pyro Pete speaking on Axl Rose’s way of apologizing to his crew:

“There were a couple of other times where… It was kind of like Axl’s way of apologizing because I guess he would know that, ‘Oh, man, I made everybody stay late five times in a row, and it rained really hard that night. Let’s do dinner.’ Then there’d be a thing on production and says, ‘Hey, Axl is going to spring for dinner next week. On the day off, we are all going out.’ Fantastic.

So even like that, he would go around and say hello to everybody, go from table to table and say, ‘Hey, thanks guys, thanks for working hard.’ So, it is the little interactions like that. Just remembering somebody’s name, just waving at somebody, saying hello. You got to understand too that, right before the show, people are in a zone; people are a persona; let him have that. But again, during the day for soundcheck and stuff, just kicking around, just being a guy.”

You can watch the video from the interview below.