Billy Idol On Making His Version Of The Doors’ ‘L.A. Woman’ With Steve Stevens

In a recent interview with RAMzine, Billy Idol shared the story behind his latest song ‘Rebel Like You,’ inspired by the old times when he and Steve Stevens did a cover of the Doors‘ L.A Woman.’

Steve Stevens and Billy Idol have a long-standing relationship that is one for the books. The pair have been friends and have been working together for several decades. Stevens has been Idol’s guitarist and co-songwriter since they first began working together in 1981.

The pair had previously worked on a cover together for the Doors’ track ‘L.A Woman’ in 2009. They liked the idea of a trade-off, and they incorporated that into the cover of the said track. However, they had yet to do an original song that he and Steve traded off each other.

Idol’s most recent song ‘Rebel Like You’ was their attempt at creating a song that had a similar approach to ‘L.A Woman’ and their cover of the song. Idol shared that he sings, Steve plays his blues lick, and they go back and forth to establish a similar dynamic.

He added that the song is actually about his granddaughter and references the time she came to a show to watch her grandfather sing on stage with pleather trousers and Dr. Martens and spiky hair just like him in the ‘Dancing With Myself’ music video. Billy Idol mentioned that the song has a personal meaning to him, but it is also a fun track for anyone that comes to one of his gigs.

Billy Idol’s words about making a song with Steve Stevens inspired by The Doors:

“We always did a Doors song like ‘L.A. Woman’ where Steve and I traded off each other, but we never had our song like that, so ‘Rebel Like You’ is one where I sing, then Steve plays this blues lick, so now, we have that song where Steve answers me. It’s a song about my granddaughter Poppy Rebel. She came to my show in Vegas and was dressed up like me in my ‘Dancing With Myself’ video with pleather trousers, Dr. Martens, and spiky hair.

She looked just like me, so funnily enough, ‘Rebel Like You’ is actually about my little granddaughter. She came to the show to see what her grandad did for a living, and she loved it. We gave her a little microphone, so now she’s always picking it up and singing into it. That is a nice song for me as it has a personal meaning, but it could be for any fan that comes to a gig.”

You can watch the official music video of Billy Idol’s cover of ‘L.A Woman’ and ‘Rebel Like You’ below.