Nita Strauss Signals Another Collaboration With Demi Lovato

Nita Strauss reunited with Demi Lovato for a show at the Stone Pony Summer Stage in Asbury Park, New Jersey, a year after their 2022 tour. In a recent interview with ABC Audio following this performance, the guitarist discussed her experience with Lovato and hinted at a future collaboration.

After her run with Lovato, the guitarist returned to Alice Cooper’s band for their upcoming tour and album, ‘Road.’ At the same time, she has been touring alone to promote her new solo album, ‘The Call of the Void.’ However, the possibility of another collaboration with the singer isn’t ruled out, as Strauss told ABC Audio:

“I can’t wait to play some more shows with [Lovato] in the coming years and get to experience it again.”

During the chat, the guitarist also touched on the change in the pop singer’s sound at the 2022 tour and said:

“It’s not often that you would find an artist that completely changes their musical style, that sounds nothing like the artist that you first came to fall in love with, that can go out and do a tour and be universally accepted by fans.”

She went on to describe the audience’s reaction by explaining:

“Every single person was on their feet, cheering, clapping, crying, holding up the signs saying, ‘Demi, you changed my life.’ I thought it was beautiful … It was really a privilege to be a part of that scene for a while.”

Strauss also noted that her experience with Demi Lovato could influence her future work:

“You take this deep dive into the catalog, and it gives you a deeper understanding of how these songs are so successful and what makes them make sense. When I start writing for what will become album three, I think I’ll definitely be in a more mature songwriting place because of learning all of those Demi songs.”

Nita Strauss’s ‘The Call of the Void’ will be out on July 7, while Alice Cooper’s ‘Road’ is set to be released on August 25. Additionally, her tour with Cooper’s band is expected to kick off in early August at JMA Wireless Dome in Syracuse, New York.