Michael Starr Recalls David Lee Roth Hitting On His Girlfriend In Front Of Him

Steel Panther’s Michael Starr recalled David Lee Roth hitting on his girlfriend.

During a recent chat with Final Resonance, the frontman talked about his Van Halen stories and recalled meeting David Lee Roth. In his words, the Van Halen rocker was into his girlfriend more than he was into the conversation. He explained:

“He f*cking rolls up, he walks, he sits down. He’s like, ‘Hey, how are you doing man?’ I go, ‘What’s up man? My name is so and so,’ and he’s like, ‘Hey what’s up dude?’ [I go], ‘This is my girlfriend Laura,’ and he’s like, ‘How you doing man?’ and starts to eye her titty or boobs and sh*t. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, he’s hitting on my chick right in front of me.'”

Starr mentioned how the conversation with Roth went:

“So we just start talking and there’s no food being eaten, it’s all just Jack Daniels. There was some conversational stuff, and the thing I took from it the most was I thought I was gonna talk to the real David Lee Roth, right? Like, ‘Hey man, so what’s going on, what do you do?’ He was like doing an interview. It was crazy.”

The rocker also told the story about the band sending Roth to the press people and even them not understanding what he would talk about. He then added:

“I just noticed he really really liked my girl’s tits, boobs. I was like, ‘Wow man, that’s cool. Dave Lee Roth likes my girl’s boobs! This is killer!'”

Roth Refused To Play With Steel Panther

Well, this wasn’t the only time the Steel Panther and the Van Halen rockers were in touch. As Starr tells it during another interview with The Paltrocast, Starr tried to set up a gig with Roth, but he refused. As a result, the rocker blamed it on his former accountant. He explained:

“His accountant was one of the accountants that I used to use – that sounds so douchey. Basically, it was some woman that was smarter than me that paid bills for me and I paid her for it. And I’m like, ‘Oh my god, you’re working with David Lee Roth? That’s crazy!’ She goes, ‘Yeah, here’s my card, and Dave really would like to get up and jam with you guys.’ I was like, ‘Holy shit!’ So I reached out, and he said no. So I think she was full of shit.”

You can watch the interview below.