John 5 Explains Marilyn Manson’s Current State Amid Legal Battle

Mötley Crüe guitarist John 5 recently sat down with THAT Rocks! and talked about few of his musician friends in the industry. When he was asked how Marilyn Manson was doing after the previous years of legal battles, the rocker replied:

“I know that he [Marilyn Manson] is doing really well and you know he’s in really good spirits and I don’t really know any of… anything about what’s going on but I know he’s doing well and he’s looking great.”

John was part of Manson’s band in the early 2000s before the guitarist decided to go solo. His decision came shortly after an incident at the 2003 Rock Am Ring Festival where he and Manson briefly got into a fight on stage. Although there was friction between them that day that ultimately led John 5 to walk away, the guitarist still spoke highly of his former bandmate.

He added that although it had been a while since they spoke, he’s gotten news that Manson was on the up. He said:

“I’ve seen pictures of him online and he looks great and he seems to be very well which I hear through the grapevine he’s doing really really well. No, I haven’t talked to him in a little bit.”

Besides Manson, John 5 also left behind Rob Zombie’s band when he decided to join Mötley Crüe. So, when he was asked during the interview if he had spoken to his former bandmate since the split, the guitarist expressed:

“I have not had dialogue with Rob [Zombie] and I wish I would you know I miss talking to him. The band sounds great and the show looks awesome and I really hope to talk to him soon.”

You can watch John 5’s interview with THAT Rocks! below.