How Vince Neil Broke Silence On Tommy Lee And Pamela Anderson’s Sex Tape

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson’s vacation document accidentally turned into something not really expected, and Vince Neil had a few words to say about it.

According to Far Out, while the couple was enjoying their holiday, they wanted to make a documentary to reminisce about their lovely times in the future. The Lake Mead boat trip documentary eventually turned into a sex tape, which was later acquired by a third party and uploaded to the internet. In Lee’s words, the main point of the video was:

“We weren’t trying to make a porno, just to document our vacation.”

What Vince Neil Did As A Response

As Far Out suggests, while friends were sorry to hear their footage get leaked, The Mötley Crüe singer saw this as an opportunity to compete with the couple by making his own sex tape. The rocker reached out to Janine Lindemulder, also known as the woman on the album cover of Blink-182’s ‘Enema of the State.’

Of course, Neil’s sex tape did not get leaked; instead, it was published as a movie under the name ‘Janine & Vince: Hardcore & Uncensored.’ IMDb says they play themselves, and the film lacks a specified plot. The reasons behind Neil’s actions remain somewhat enigmatic, suggesting that Mötley Crüe is a band drawn to controversy.

Not only was there a competition between the two parties, but there was also thought to be a feud after Neil turned it into a contest. Neil did deny it, though with the following words:

“There is no tension between me and Tommy. Don’t believe anything from these so-called gossip sites.”