Sebastian Bach Blasts Fans Thrashing His New Solo Record

In a series of recent tweets, Sebastian Bach responded to the fans who attacked his new solo album, ‘Child Within the Man.’

When Eddie Trunk praised Bach’s third song from the record, ‘(Hold On) To The Dream,’ a user talked about the degradation in Bach’s voice. The singer saw this comment and called the fan an ‘idiot.’ Then, the same user replied to the rocker:

“Uh oh, I hit a nerve. Don’t be sensitive. Nobody sings now like they did when they were 27. Protools has its benefits. In the new world of non-live performances, there is no shame using in-studio aids. I actually liked ‘Subhuman Race.’ You seem very angry.”

How Did Bach Reply To The Criticism?

Sebastian wrote in his response:

“You did not hit a nerve. You have zero clue what you are talking about.”

When the user said Bach didn’t sound as he used to and age can affect singing ability, the vocalist wrote:

“It’s a good thing that you are a moron. Tell us all how Elvis Baskette and Robert Ludwig use autotune. Hilarious how stupid you are.”

There Were Also Other Comments

Another fan also thrashed the musician’s new solo album, saying:

“No one’s going to see Bach for his solo stuff. They just want to hear those hit songs.”

Bach also responded to that comment:

“It’s a good thing my new song is a hit song.”

When the same user said it wasn’t a hit song, Sebastian noted:

“1 million views is a hit song. I’m sorry to inform you.”

Trunk Liked Bach’s Solo Stuff

On the other hand, Eddie Trunk wrote the following on Bach’s song, ‘(Hold On) To The Dream’:

“KILLER stuff.”

Bach reposted his tweet and said:

“Thank you, Eddie Trunk. I respect your opinion. So this means a lot,  thanks.”

The singer announced his new album, ‘Child Within the Man’ in March and he said in a statement:

“I have been putting out records since the year 1989. Thank you for 35 years of Bach ‘n’ Roll, all leading up to ‘Child Within the Man!’ If you like the records I have put out in the past, I can guarantee that you will enjoy the new album. This is the kind of rock ‘n’ roll that keeps you young! Can’t wait for you all to crank up ‘Child Within the Man’ — a magical elixir to the fountain of Youth! Gone Wild! Forever! It’s all one big song! Turn it up!”

It will be Bach’s first full-length album since 2014’s ‘Give ‘Em Hell’ and will arrive on May 10. The album has contributions from guitarists John 5, Steve Stevens, and Orianthi. Sebastian is currently on tour in South America. The North American leg of his shows will start on May 10 in Jefferson, Louisiana.

You can see all the tweets below.