Mike Shinoda Reveals How Much Value An Instagram Post Has

Linkin Park rhythm guitarist Mike Shinoda shared a post on his official Twitter page giving his fans a detailed explanation about NFT in addition to stating that everything a user posts on Instagram has a value due to the fact that IG makes money out of every user activity.

NFT, a non-fungible token is a term used to describe a digital asset whose ownership is tracked on a blockchain and it can include numerous assets from digital goods, such as items that exist within virtual worlds, to claims on physical assets such as clothing items or real estate.

Recently, Mike Shinoda shared a post on his official Twitter page explaining how NFT works and how much it can benefit artists from every field since it directly allows you to distribute anything you really want with the price buyers determine.

Here is what Shinoda said:

“#NFT update. Someone bid $10k USD on my piece (thanks!). And some folks are still confused about what this is. The short answer: an experiment. It works like an auction; the value is determined by the bidders. In the end, one person gets the NFT. Think of it like owning a 1 of a kind item in a game, or like ‘owning’ an Instagram post. It’s a weird thing to own, yes.

Here’s the crazy thing. Even if I upload the full version of the contained song to DSPs worldwide (which I can still do), I would never get even close to $10k, after fees by DSPs, label, marketing, etc. And a reminder: the NFT isn’t the song—it’s an NFT containing the song. You can even rip the audio and video. And if the contained song becomes more popular, then arguably the NFT becomes more valuable.

Lastly, regarding the game item or IG post comparison: it doesn’t matter if you think a current bidding price is too high for a digital collectible. It matters that one person thinks the price is worth it.”

After his posts, numerous fans started to share their take on NFT by pouring posts on Twitter, while some thought it is quite brilliant, some were confused by the whole process, and some believed it was useless and a waste of time. Regardless, nearly all fans sounded lost about the matter.

Therefore, Mike Shinoda shared another post on his official Twitter page making it clear that everything in that platform can be valuable due to the fact that just like Instagram which makes money off of its users’ posts, Shinoda stressed the fact that every post of his fans’ has value.

Here is what Shinoda said:

“The thing that’s throwing everyone off is the idea that ‘something I’d post on Instagram doesn’t have value.’

That is incorrect.

It’s very valuable to IG. User activity=they make money. Here, the exact same item (the post) has real, public value—to *you*”

You can see the Twitter post below.