Nita Strauss Says Alice Cooper Was Proud Of Her For Joining Demi Lovato’s Band

Alice Cooper’s former guitarist Nita Strauss was recently interviewed by Loudwire Nights and reflected on how Cooper was proud of her joining Demi Lovato‘s band.

Nita Strauss has reached a worldwide audience since her first appearance with Alice Cooper in 2014. Besides her contributions to the rocker, she has also built a solid fanbase with her solo works. The guitarist has received many positive reviews from fans, critics, and Cooper. In the previous days, Strauss had announced that she went on a hiatus with Cooper’s band.

She canceled the upcoming shows and informed the fans that there was no drama or disagreements with the band members behind her decision to leave. As she revealed, she would look for another opportunity to get back on stage. The guitarist also conveyed her gratefulness to Alice Cooper and her former teammates.

Later, while the fans wondered who would replace Strauss for the upcoming tour, Cooper came with the news. He announced Kane Roberts, who worked with him between 1983 and 1985, would be taking over Strauss’ duties. The Godfather of Shock Rock expressed his excitement to share the stage with his long-term friend and one of his favorite guitarists.

Then, a fan video revealed that Strauss joined Demi Lovato’s band to play with the singer live on Jimmy Kimmel Live! As Lovato shared on her Instagram in the previous days, the guitarist also appeared during the rehearsals of the singer’s upcoming tour.

Recently, Strauss provided more insight into Cooper’s reaction to her decision to leave. She stated that the rocker happily hugged and wished her the best. As the guitarist revealed, Cooper expressed his pride in her and encouraged Strauss to have a great time. They had a very loving moment rather than a distant farewell. She noted that she thinks of returning to the band after trying something new for a while.

Strauss said the following about Alice Cooper’s reaction to her departure:

“They hugged me and were so happy and gave their absolute blessing. Alice said, ‘We’re so proud of you. Go out, shine your light, have a great time, and we’ll see what happens for next year.’ There was never a, ‘Hey, I quit, goodbye, thanks for everything.’ It was just, ‘I’m going to take a step back, try something different for a few months and we’ll regroup and see what happens.'”

Nita Strauss will hit the road with Demi Lovato’s all-women band on a North America tour on September 22, 2022, to support the singer’s eighth studio album ‘Holy Fvck.’ On the other hand, Alice Cooper will be on tour from September 7 to October 29 to promote his latest record ‘Detroit Stories.’