Jon Bon Jovi Reacts To Richie Sambora Selling His Music Catalog

Is Jon Bon Jovi considering selling his catalog? He revealed while discussing Richie Sambora’s decision to sell his own.

In a new interview with The Howard Stern Show, Stern mentioned that Sambora sold his entire catalog including his works with Bon Jovi and his solo music. He then asked Jon if he sold his catalog. He replied:

“I have not. People sell their catalogs often but it wasn’t anything I’d ever considered.”

He was then asked if Sambora selling his catalog with collaborative songs affects him in any way:

“No it’s not. So if it’s a collaborative effort on any song then his share of it would go to whomever bought it. I guess it’s like buying a house, now it’s your house but mine is mine, and anyone and I have ever collaborated theirs is theirs.”

Finally, he was asked how much he would sell his catalog for:

“A lot. That’s all I can [say.] I mean it’s all speculative. It would depend on how anxious you were to sell it, at what time did you sell it where are you in the Zeitgeist, you know? And I have no desire to sell it.”

How Much Did Sambora Sell His Catalog For?

The former Bon Jovi rocker sold his entire catalog to Hipgnosis Songs in 2020.

Hipgnosis now owns the rights to Sambora’s share of royalties for the 12 studio albums he worked on with Jon Bon Jovi. These albums include big ones like ‘Slippery When Wet,’ ‘New Jersey,’ ‘Lost Highway,’ and ‘What About Now.’

Besides Bon Jovi’s catalog, the deal also covers Sambora’s three solo albums – ‘Stranger in This Town,’ ‘Undiscovered Soul,’ and ‘Aftermath of the Lowdown.’ It also includes his writing credits on Cher’s albums ‘Cher’ from 1987 and ‘Heart of Stone’ from 1989.

While it’s still not clear how much the rocker sold his catalog, a few years back he told Howard Stern he was making around $2 million per month from royalties.

You can watch the interview below.