Nita Strauss Leaves Alice Cooper Band And Cancels Solo Shows

Alice Cooper’s touring guitarist Nita Strauss shared a post to announce her departure from the Alice Cooper band and this year’s solo festival appearances on her official Instagram account. Strauss also expressed her feelings and experiences, explaining what she would do next.

Nita Strauss is one of some people that discovered their purpose in life and greatest passion at a young age; she founded and toured with her band Lia-Fail when she was a teenager. Even though her first known group was the Iron Maiden all-female tribute band named Iron Maidens that brought her fame and recognition, Strauss took place in several bands, including Consume the Fire, Femme Fatale, and Critical Hit.

However, there’s no doubt that the success and popularity came when Strauss became Alice Cooper’s guitarist to replace Orianthi in 2014. She has been performing with the band until now by receiving very positive reviews from longtime fans, critics, and Cooper himself. In addition to her career in the group, Strauss’ solo musical journey is successful, considering her well-crafted works that hit the charts worldwide.

Strauss revealed her decision to leave Alice Cooper’s band and cancel solo shows without giving any reason behind it but highlighted that she wasn’t pregnant or any disagreements between the other bandmates, which could be the first things that most people thought. The former Alice Cooper guitarist added that she was grateful for this journey, and Strauss even started to prepare for her next adventure. She will be on the stage soon for another project.

The guitarist’s IG post read:

“After this absolutely incredible run in Europe, it is bittersweet to let you guys know that I will not be joining the Alice Cooper band for the upcoming fall tour. I will regretfully have to cancel the festival dates my solo band had planned for the rest of the year.

I am not pregnant! There is no drama whatsoever, and my touring year is still very full- in fact, I’m on a flight straight into the next adventure as I post this, and I’ll be on stage again much sooner than you think! But that’s news for another day.

The past eight years together have been the experience of a lifetime, and I could not be more grateful to Alice and Sheryl Cooper, Shep Gordon, and the amazing band, crew, and fans for welcoming me to all of your nightmares. I don’t know what the future will hold after this, but I am forever thankful.”

You can check out the photo below.

Photo Credit: Nita Strauss – Instagram