Corey Taylor Recalls Slipknot Members Setting Him On Fire During Live Shows

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor remembered the time when his bandmates set him on fire during a Q&A session with his fans at Texas Frightmare Weekend. The singer also explained the reason why he had so many tattoos.

Slipknot released their self-titled debut studio album on June 29, 1999, and received very positive reviews from the fans and music critics by hitting the charts and selling millions of records worldwide. The songs, ‘No Life,’ ‘Diluted,’ and ‘Scissors’ were appreciated a lot but one of them had a special place for Taylor.

Corey Taylor and the other Slipknot members decided to make up ‘Scissors’ lyrics in their live performances. During the interview, he stated that he was so focused on the words that the singer couldn’t realize his bandmates were about to set him on fire by using lighter fluids so he’s glad they don’t play the song anymore.

Moreover, Taylor revealed that he was burnt so many times because of these jokes that he had to get different kinds of tattoos to cover up his scars. Fortunately, these incidents that happened on the stage didn’t cause serious health problems for the singer so the Slipknot fans shouldn’t be worried about them.

In Taylor’s words, he said:

They used to set me on fire like for real. It’s one of the things that I’m so glad we don’t play ‘Scissors’ anymore. I also miss playing ‘Scissors’ live and every time we played it, I would be down, making it up. We would make up the whole second half. We would play it all the way up until the crazy like the artistic bit in the recording.

Then, we would make it up every night so it was free-form thought and I would just start almost articulating things that were gıing through my head. It was different every night however those assholes would get around me. They knew that I was in this weird spot where I was just kind of concentrating and feeling it.

They would get around me with lighter fluid and just start soaking me down, realizing that I’m not going to feel it until they light them through. They did that several times. That’s why I have so many tattoos on my legs to cover up the scar tissue. I’m not trying to sell this as a home game or anything but it’s pretty rad.”

You can check out the video and song below.