Nita Strauss Joins Demi Lovato’s Band After Leaving Alice Cooper

Former Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss recently joined Demi Lovato‘s band during a live performance on a new episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Nita Strauss rose to fame as Alice Cooper’s guitarist after she replaced Orianthi in 2014. Throughout her music career with Cooper, Strauss received the critical acclaim of many of Cooper’s fans and music critics. Moreover, even Cooper himself appreciated the guitarist’s talent.

However, Nita Strauss saddened fans with her announcement on July 12. In an Instagram post, Strauss stated she decided to leave Alice Cooper’s band and cancel her solo shows. Although she didn’t give a clear-cut reason, the guitarist revealed she wasn’t pregnant, and there weren’t any disagreements between her and her bandmates.

After the news, Alice Cooper announced that his long-time friend Kane Roberts would join to fill in for Nita Strauss during the Detroit Muscle Tour. The singer then looked back at Roberts’ previous music career with Alice Cooper, revealing he is excited to collaborate with the guitarist.

As Strauss revealed she was on a new adventure in her Instagram post, fans began waiting to hear more about her next musical journey. Recently, a Brazil fan page for Demi Lovato tweeted a video of Lovato performing live on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with Nita Strauss. Although there isn’t any official announcement, Strauss may have officially joined Lovato’s band.

Below, you can see the tweet Demi Lovato Brasil Media posted and watch the performance.