Neal Schon’s Journey Post Proves Arnel Pineda And Jonathan Cain Travel Separately

Neal Schon recently shared a screenshot of an Instagram story on Twitter, leaving curious fans to spot singer Arnel Pineda and keyboardist Jonathan Cain’s absence from the picture.

After Schon shared the Instagram story, which showed a cheerful Schon and his Journey bandmates enjoying their private jet, fans quickly noticed how Arnel and Jon lacked from the picture. The Journey community then started questioning where the duo might be and why they traveled separately, not enjoying the lavish private ride with their bandmates.

A fan tweet wondered:

“[Neal] I don’t see Arnel Pineda or Jonathan Cain — but great pic. Have a great show.”

Another one questioned:

“Where’s Arnel? Without him, you don’t be in this tour; he [put you] back on the road.”

The guitarist didn’t answer any of these tweets, only posting the story with the caption stating how excited he was for Journey to carry on with their 5oth anniversary tour and couldn’t wait to meet fans in Lincoln, Nebraska. So, his tweet didn’t really help fans’ questions about the whereabouts of Arnel or Jon, but if you’re familiar with Schon’s recent feuds, you might easily see why the duo is not enjoying that private jet.

Neal’s tweet stated:

“Heading to Lincoln, Nebraska now! C U tonight, friends, for an ass-kicking show.”

Arnel recently dared Schon to fire him after the rocker’s wife, Michaele Schon, made some not-so-flattering comments against the singer on Facebook. Jon also feuded with Neal after a legal battle, so it’s not much of a surprise for anyone familiar with Journey’s complex history to see Pineda and Cain traveling separately from the rest of the band.