Journey Singer Arnel Pineda Gives An Ultimatum To Neal Schon

Journey frontman Arnel Pineda recently made it clear on Twitter that he would have none of the not-so-flattering statements coming over to him from the Neal Schon front. In a series of tweets, Pineda discussed how the path to success hadn’t been a bed of roses, how he’d paid his dues, and gave an ultimatum saying that Schon could fire him anytime if he wanted.

Well, Arnel’s recent tweets probably came upon seeing a few ‘advisorycomments made by Schon’s wife, Michaele, on Facebook. She defended Journey’s reunion with founding member Gregg Rolie, as on a previous note, Neal disclosed that the two of his bandmates weren’t really pleased with taking the stage with the keyboardist.

So, Michaele noted that the Schon family loved Gregg; Jonathan Cain, who had been feuding with Neal, and ‘the other guy in the band,’ meaning Pineda, should know their places since it was Neal who recruited them both to Journey. She then remarked they should all pray that Cain and Pineda would come to their senses and learn some spirituality.

The Schon family’s joint Facebook account noted the following:

“We love Gregg! Cain and the other guy in the band forgot where they came from. Neal hired both Cain and the other guy. Sad. Let’s pray they learn spirituality someday.”

After probably hearing about this comment, Pineda gave an ultimatum saying that if the band was tired of him, they could fire him anytime they wanted. The rocker then said that he needed no lectures on spirituality, addressing Michaele’s wish. He also continued by noting that he’d paid all his dues and had never forgotten where he came from. So, he would have none of these ‘threats.’

Arnel Pineda’s ‘ultimatum’ addressed to his bandmates, mainly Schon, stated:

“[I’m] with the band to sing the legacy. If some of them are tired of me being with them, with all means, they can fire me anytime. And don’t lecture me about spiritual bullsh*t.”

The singer wrote in the following tweet:

“All I know is [that] I’ve paid my dues. So stop reminding me where I came from… [because] It’s in my heart every day. You just don’t pay attention. I’m not a slave; I’m a human being like anybody else. Wrong is wrong, [and] right is right. [It’s] that simple.”

So, maybe, it would be safe to say that Arnel decided to play all his cards and gave an ultimatum to Neal, stating the guitarist could fire him anytime he wanted if he was tired of working with him. The rocker also mentioned that he’d never forgotten where he came from, and if you’re interested in learning all about his ‘journey’ from the streets of Manila to front an all-American band, you can check it out right here.

Photo Credit: Neal & Michaele Schon – Facebook