Jonathan Cain Details Neal Schon’s Reckless Spending Habits In Recent Lawsuit

The tension has not fizzled out since Neal Schon filed a lawsuit against Jonathan Cain. Fans have been waking up to yet another chaotic news about them daily. As it seems, now it’s Cain’s turn to sue Schon. In his recent countersuit, the keyboardist detailed Neal’s excessive spending habit and revealed the issues it brought to Journey.

“Schon’s use of the shared AMEX card for personal expenses created serious liquidity problems for the band,” wrote Cain’s lawyers, “as the AMEX balance had to be paid every month, and there were insufficient revenues to pay for other expenses as Schon saddled Journey with over $1 million of his personal expenses.”

The complaint continued, “Schon’s charges placed considerable pressure on Journey and its ability to cover normal tour expenses. Schon was spending Journey’s money, and Cain is the one who was and is ultimately liable for the AMEX Account and Schon’s charges on the AMEX Card.”

Back in November, Neal Schon sued Jonathan Cain for not informing him about Journey’s finances and setting up the AMEX Card without telling him. The guitarist claimed his rights by noting he should have access to Nomota, a company the two set up to operate the band’s finances. Cain’s response came right off the bat.

In his statement that was released two days later, Jonathan argued that Neal had access to the credit card statements but wanted to increase his spending limit due to his extravagant lifestyle. To prove his point, the musician is now suing Schon for spending over $1 million on Journey’s shared AMEX card, including his $400,000 expenses in a single month last year.