Marilyn Manson Joins Kanye West And Justin Bieber For A Sunday Service

Successful rapper Kanye West recently brought his famous Sunday Service back for a Livestream event. Surprisingly, Marilyn Manson was also spotted at the event praying along with pop star Justin Bieber. Social media platforms, especially Twitter, have gone wild after the pictures of this unexpected trio were shared.

As some of you might know, Marilyn Manson’s name is mentioned with much debate recently after nearly 15 women sued him for sexual and emotional abuse. His former girlfriends started sharing posts to support each other, telling horrible experiences they had with Manson. The singer, on the other hand, denies all the accusations and says the reality is distorted.

Since the singer is at the center of attention due to the accusations of sexual assault and abuse by multiple women in the past year, his presence at the Chicago where Kanye West’s long-awaited ‘DONDA’ event took place was unexpected. Fans didn’t quite understand the reason why he was there, and Manson received backlash following the event as well as West.

However, the rapper seems to be determined to have Marilyn Manson by his side as the rocker is once again spotted at West’s Sunday Service. In addition to this, the duo was joined by pop star Justin Bieber with whom Manson had a feud in the past.

When pictures of the three musicians leading a prayer circle in all-white clothes hit the internet, fans couldn’t help themselves but post those interesting moments. At the event, Bieber took the microphone to recite a prayer out loud thanking god for creating nature and all animals.

Since the entire incident is a bit ironic considering Manson’s current situation as well as West’s past including the same accusations, fans have been criticizing their attempts to look angelic on Twitter. In fact, they bring up the fact that Manson has been described as ‘the highest-profile Satanist ever‘ with strong anti-Christian views.

Furthermore, Manson was also a friend of Anton LaVey who the founder of the Church of Satan and the religion of Satanism. When all of these are combined, fans are still curious to know why he attended a Sunday Service in the first place, along with Bieber to whom he directly called ‘stupid.’

You can see one of the Twitter posts regarding the service below.