The Time Marilyn Manson Made Money Off Of Justin Bieber

One of the most well-known metal vocalists, Marilyn Manson, and the face of pop music, Justin Bieber, couldn’t be further from one another on the music spectrum. Fans cannot even imagine the two musicians interacting since their genre, lifestyle, and overall presence are entirely different.

However, that doesn’t mean that their paths haven’t crossed. In fact, the unimaginable duo encountered each other right after Bieber decided to wear a t-shirt with Manson’s face on it, without his permission. As crazy as it sounds, the rocker made money from the pop star’s bold move. Let’s take a look.

Justin Bieber Wore A Marilyn Manson T-Shirt

Believe it or not, Justin Bieber walked on stage during a 2016 concert wearing a t-shirt with Marilyn Manson’s face on the front of it. The shirt had the words’ Bigger Than Satan… Bieber’ embroidered on its back and the pop star wore it during various other concerts as well.

The $195 worth Barney’s t-shirt was Fear of God’s Jerry Lorenzo’s design, and it was part of Bieber’s line of merchandise. Initially, the firm had decided to ask for Marilyn Manson’s permission. It was later revealed that Manson never agreed on his photo appearing on the t-shirt. Therefore, the rocker wasn’t happy to see the shirt on Bieber when they met for the first time and made him pay.

Marilyn Manson Got His Revenge On Bieber And Made Money

During a 2017 interview with Consequence, Marilyn Manson revealed the time when he came across Justin Bieber after the t-shirt incident. Apparently, the pop star had the guts to tell Manson that he made the rocker relevant again by appearing on stage wearing sporting his photo.

According to Manson, making such an arrogant statement was a huge mistake. Therefore, he wanted to play a little game with the young musician by telling him that he’d show up at his soundcheck at Staples Center to perform ‘Beautiful People.’ While he never intended to go, Manson thought Bieber was stupid enough to believe him. 

Manson continued his words by stressing Bieber’s awful person since he was cocky when they met and touchy-feely, which violated his privacy. The rocker also noted that the company immediately gave all the proceeds to him since they knew that they had made a big mistake.

In the interview, Manson said:

“When I first met Bieber, he was already wearing the shirt that had his name on my shirt, and he said to me, ‘I made you relevant again.’ Bad mistake to say to me. The next day I told him I’d be at his soundcheck at Staples Center to do ‘Beautiful People.’ He believed that I’d show up because he was that stupid.

I took all the proceeds from those shirts from him. They didn’t even fight. They were just like, ‘yeah, we already know, we did wrong, so here’s the money.‘ He was a real piece of shit in the way he had the arrogance to say that. He was a real touchy-feely guy, too, like, ‘yo yo bro!’ and touches you when he’s talking. I’m like, you need to stand down, you’re dick height on me, ok? Alright? So stand down, son.”

It’s fair to say that nobody could imagine Justin Bieber and Marilyn Manson as best friends, with or without a dispute. On the bright side, Manson filled his pockets thanks to Bieber’s t-shirts instead of just being annoyed without getting paid.