Dolly Parton Reveals Stevie Nicks’ ‘Affair’ Song That Was Rejected By Fleetwood Mac

Dolly Parton recently discussed how her album has a Stevie Nicks track that Fleetwood Mac rejected back in the day. The country, [and now rock] star was talking to the Hollywood Reporter when she made this revelation while discussing her collab with Nicks.

Parton And Nicks Bonded

The host was discussing Dolly’s collabs with female stars when the topic came to the ‘Stand Back’ singer’s track on her album, ‘Rockstar,’ which will be released on November 17.

Parton then mentioned how she and Nicks bonded in the studio and discussed if they shared stories with one another about their careers:

“Well, we did swap stories. She stayed in Nashville for four days, which was great. Getting in the studio with her was great. We talked a lot. She stayed over with Sheryl Crow; they’re friends. She would come in down the studio, and we did get a chance to talk about the business; some are personal stories and stuff that I won’t tell here.”

The Fleetwood Reject Made Its Way To Parton’s Record

Dolly then discussed how a vetoed song by Nicks’ old bandmates made its way to her album and what it meant for her while mentioning what the two shared while trading stories:

“We talked about before she started with Fleetwood Mac. We did talk about the business. We talked about our backgrounds. In fact, our song, ‘What Has Rock and Roll Ever Done to Me,’ she [Nicks] said, ‘This a song I wrote back when we were in the heat of our stuff…”

She continued by discussing how Fleetwood Mac rejected the track and how it made Nicks speak about the ‘affair’ she had:

“She said, ‘It’s a song I love but they didn’t think it was good enough to be on a record.’ She said, ‘I have an old demo of it. Can we do this one, because I wrote it about someone I was involved with that was also in the rock ’n’ roll field when we had an affair.'”

You can read the entire chat here.