Ex-Vixen Singer Janet Gardner Refutes Misconceptions About Ozzy Osbourne

Former Vixen frontwoman Janet Gardner recently had an interview with Fox News Digital where she talked about her life after Vixen disbanded. Janet explained why she chose to become a dental hygienist in Connecticut:

“My grandfather was a dentist. My uncles, a couple of them were dentists. Their kids are now dentists, a couple of hygienists – lots of dental people. And they all had really good lives. They were able to do their work and have the sort of work/life balance [that] was very good… I needed something that would allow me enough time for my family, for my music, other things in life.”

Gardner also reflected on the Vixen times, when their 1988 self-titled debut album became popular, and when they toured with Ozzy Osbourne in 1989. Janet recalled Ozzy with high regards and gave details about his situation back then:

“He was awesome. We toured with him during a time when he was very clean. He wasn’t drinking, he wasn’t doing any drugs. He was working out every day. His kids were little, and they would come out. [His wife] Sharon was out there quite a bit. He was really on an upswing. He was very positive, hilarious – a very funny guy. Easy to talk to.”

She also mentioned that she cherished Osbourne giving insight on life:

“He stopped me and just started a conversation about singing and how difficult it is to be out there every night. We shared vocal tips, what to eat, what not to eat. It was amazing. He was really in a good place when we toured with him… And it was great to see him in such a good place.”

The Prince of Darkness has a notorious past full of moments where he pushed limits. The first one that comes to mind was him eating a bat on stage in 1982. The incident occurred because Ozzy thought the bat was a toy, yet this unfortunate event still chases after Osbourne. He once explained the situation:

“It was a sheer accident actually. It was not a Batman, it was a bat. A real bat, you know. What actually happened was I got a lot of weird people in my country. It’s kind of rock and roll here and somebody threw a bat on stage.

I thought it was one of these toy bets. So, I picked it up, bite the thing’s head off and suddenly everybody is freaking out because it was a real bat.”

There is also the famous ‘snorting-ants-off-of-sidewalk-and-drinking-urine‘ scene from Mötley Crüe’s biographical film ‘The Dirt,’ of which Crüe members confirm the accuracy. However, Ozzy admits that he can neither deny nor confirm the incident, for he was under the influence of drugs throughout his career.

When Janet Gardner is off the clock, she still makes music with his producer and musician husband, Justin James. You can listen to their newest album ‘No Strings’ below.