Scott Reeder On Losing The Tool Gig To Justin Chancellor

Although its origins date back to the ’60s, the 1990s witnessed the revival of prog rock that fused amplified guitar sounds and loud aggression. Tool was undoubtedly one of the trailblazers, and by successfully incorporating visual elements in their live shows, the band improved the psychedelic side of prog rock. Tool’s lineup underwent a change in 1995 when bassist Paul d’Amour left the band. In a conversation with Guitar World, Scott Reeder revealed that he almost got the gig.

Following d’Amour’s decision to depart, Tool held several auditions. Ultimately, Tool had narrowed it down to two people: Scott Reeder, the bassist for Kyuss, and Justin Chancellor. As Kyuss was part of the same scene, Scott had the background to match the psychedelic style of Tool. However, Tool fans already know who got the job.

“I got a call saying, ‘Can you come over and jam with Tool?'” said Reeder, recalling how he ended up auditioning for Tool. “We played for three days, and I thought it went really well. They seemed pretty excited and called me and said, ‘It’s down to just two guys – you and this guy Justin Chancellor from England.’ So I was sitting by the phone, getting really excited – but they called me and said, ‘Sorry, he just oozes Tool,’ which I understand because I’d gone down there and just been myself.”

Tool released their two best albums, Aenima and Lateralus, after Justin Chancellor joined the band. Both albums helped the band become a prominent member of the scene as they established Tool’s sound. Although it’s hard to imagine how things could have been different if Reeder had joined, Chancellor was definitely a good choice for Tool.