Myles Goodwyn Passed Away At 75, Alex Lifeson Recalls His Final Meeting With April Wine Singer

Myles Goodwyn, guitarist for the April Wine, passed away in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Sunday. He was 75. His death was announced on social media by Eric Alper, his publicist.

Goodwyn Suffered From Health Issues

Though the cause of death is not disclosed, and the family is asking for privacy, it can be predicted his health issues were the cause of his passing. Alper, his publicist, said he was suffering from a lot of health issues and did not reveal any further information. He had issues with diabetes, and in 2008, he was hospitalized after he collapsed en route to a Quebec airport on his way to play a sold-out show.

Before his passing, it was also announced on Goodwyn’s website that he would be retiring from touring with April Wine due to diabetes and poor health conditions.

Alex Lifeson’s Words for Goodwyn

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson made a farewell post on Instagram where recalled his memories with the April Wine singer. The guitarist recalled April Wine opening for Rush one time, and shared his condolences to Goodwyn’s family. He shared a picture of the singer and wrote:

“I was in Halifax last summer shooting yet another Trailer Park Boys episode and Myles had dropped by to say hi. I had no idea he was ill. I recall the summer of 1971 when I worked at a gas station and April Wine’s hit single, ‘Fast Train,’ played frequently on the crappy AM radio in our tiny booth. Years later they opened for Rush on one of our US tours. My condolences to his family.”

April Wine first opened for Rush in 1977, marking their first tour with the band. Following the 12 dates they played together, April Wine once again opened for them two years after their first shows.

You can see the post here.