The Rolling Stones Announce The Release Date Of Their Upcoming Documentary Series

The Rolling Stones announced that they would celebrate the band’s 60th anniversary with a four-part documentary called ‘My Life as a Rolling Stones.’ The fans were also informed about the release date, as Deadline reported recently.

The Rolling Stones have impacted the rock scene since the beginning of their career in 1962 and packed many albums and numerous tours into their 60-year music career. Songs like ‘Gimme Shelter,’ ‘Sympathy For The Devil,’ and ‘Wild Horses’ reached a broad audience internationally. The band has received numerous praises and influenced many musicians to date. Their songs were used in many movies and series and were covered by musicians.

The group continues to meet with the fans during the tours. They announced in March 2022 that they would hit the road for the ‘Sixty Tour.’ The tour started on June 1 and will end on July 31, 2022. They performed their significant songs and shared special moments with the fans throughout the tour.

While the excitement of the tour continued, another thrilling news came from the band recently. They announced that their documentary entitled ‘My Life as a Rolling Stone’ will be released on August 7 on Epix. President of Epix Michael Wright shared his excitement, stating that this documentary would reflect the band’s unique and natural style. He noted that the audience would watch the band’s story in a way that anyone had not done before.

The president of Epix, Michael Wright, said in his words:

“Compelling music docuseries have become a pillar of Epix’s slate of original premium programming, and ‘My Life as a Rolling Stone’ is a perfect addition to that mix. This distinctive documentary captures the raw and organic energy that defines The Rolling Stones and tells the gripping, epic story of their journey. I am excited for viewers to experience this legendary band as few ever have before.”

The group took a short break after Mick Jagger tested positive for Covid-19 in the previous days. They continue the massive tour from where they left off. The fans are pleased to see them on tour and for this documentary to be released soon.