Noel Gallagher Admits That For The First Couple Of Years Oasis Was Shit


Former co-lead vocalist and songwriter of Oasis, Noel Gallagher, had a recent conversation with Arturia’s ‘Serving The Song With V Collection’ and talked about the current status of the music scene as well as his thoughts on the earlier days of his former band.

Right after leaving Oasis in 2009, Noel Gallagher formed his own band named Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and released three studio recordings with his bandmates. His latest album was ‘Who Built the Moon?’ which was released in 2017, and he has collaborated with many musicians like Paul Weller, Gorillaz, and Andrew Cushin since then.

In the interview he had with Arturia, Noel admitted that Oasis’s earlier career was so bad that if they had come out today, with all these streaming platforms and YouTube, people would not like their songs at all. Gallagher also referred to Oasis’ classical song ‘Live Forever’ by saying it would be impossible to ‘live forever’ if they had formed the band after the advent of the internet.

Noel shared his thoughts saying:

“With the advent of the internet, Oasis would’ve been written off. For the first couple of years, we were shit… People would’ve gone on YouTube, seen a few gigs, and said ‘not interested’.’ We’d never have got to ‘Live Forever.'”

In the same conversation, the former Oasis star also talked about the relationship between synthesizer and rock music. Noel stated that he’s not against virtual instruments since using them adds atmosphere to any song he’s creating.

Gallagher also said in the interview that:

“When I first starting using this stuff, I was expecting for it to be, like most things that are digital versions of the real deal, good but a little bit shit. I was blown away by it, it was incredible. I couldn’t believe it. They just behave themselves. It adds an atmosphere and takes it away from rock music.

When I do get a keyboard player in, they’ll embellish it and play it better – I love it because it’s like a rebirth as an artist. To get a rebirth as an artist in your 50s is a fucking privilege.”

You can check out the whole conversation below.