Sebastian Bach Thinks It’s Selfish That Skid Row Is Not Reuniting


Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach spoke in a recent interview with Gater 98.7 and discussed his possible reunion with the band.

Sebastian joined Skid Row one year after their formation in 1987, and he stayed with the band until 1996. Following the increasing tensions between the vocalist and bass guitarist Rachel Bolan, Bach got fired. Since Sebastian’s departure, Skid Row worked with Johnny Solinger and Tony Harnell, and ZP Theart has been fronting the band since 2016.

In the conversation, Sebastian responded to the accusations made by Skid Row members who claimed that ‘Sebastian is difficult to work with’ and stated they haven’t seen him for over twenty-five years. Thus, they can’t know who Bach is now or understand his mindset.

Furthermore, Sebastian revealed that the fans want him to join Skid Row and said they should reunite for their fans. As Sebastian said, it is selfish that they are not together right now.

Sebastian Bach talked about the reunion with Skid Row in the interview:

“Well, there’s no reason not to — there’s none. When those guys try to say, ‘He’s difficult to work with,’ let me just say this one more time. We have not been in the same room together since the year 1996.

Shut the eff up about you thinking you know what I’m like. You don’t know anything about what I’m like. And the ‘Gilmore Girls’ think I’m okay to work with; Broadway thinks I’m okay to work with; the ‘Trailer Park Boys’ think I’m okay; Guns N’ Roses think I’m pretty cool. We’re not getting any younger.

It should happen for the fans. And we are absolutely running out of bands — bands that can play in sheds. The fact that we are all still alive and we are all in our 50s — some closer to 60 than others — but that, to me, is selfish that we’re not together.”

Later in the conversation, Sebastian pointed out that he is now an easy-going person and stated that he could play with anyone, which is why they should reunite with Skid Row.