David Lee Roth Hints At A New Project He’s Been Working On Which Is ‘Coming Soon’

Former Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing another drawing from his ‘Soggy Bottom’ comic series, and apparently, the legendary frontman used his artwork to announce a brand new project this time.

As many of you may be familiar by now, David Lee Roth has been sharing his hand-drawn comic series named ‘Soggy Bottom,’ both on his official website and social media accounts since the coronavirus outbreak started. His artwork often draws inspiration from current incidents in the world both, including witty comments in addition to personal matters.

Recently, former Van Halen frontman shared another artwork on his official Twitter page from his ‘Soggy Bottom’ series, however, David Lee Roth kept it simple this time, illustrating three people image on an orange background working on ‘something new’ with the message that Roth himself is also working on a new project to be released soon.

Here is what Roth said:

Something new

Coming soon…”

After the exciting and mysterious announcement, fans poured dozens of posts under David Lee Roth’s tweet, guessing what this new project might be. Many fans thought it can be a live streaming concert or a brand new album, however, they have to wait until the next announcement.

You can see the Twitter post below.