Jack Russell Shares Robert Plant’s Reaction To His Voice After Hearing His Led Zeppelin Covers


Great White’s Jack Russell recently talked about how Robert Plant reacted to the band’s Led Zeppelin cover albums ‘Great Zeppelin: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin,’ ‘Great White Salutes Led Zeppelin,’ and complimented his voice.

Jack Russell has been the vocalist of Great White since its formation in 1977. They have released many albums, which as of 2008 had sold eight million copies worldwide. The band is also known for suffering a tragedy in 2003 when the club they were playing in caught fire and caused the death of 100 people, including their band member, Ty Longley. It is still one of the most discussed events as it severely traumatized the rock community.

Before the tragedy, the band was more intact, producing and performing freely. Jack Russell was highly influenced by Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant, which also helped him shape his style and career. The band released their cover album ‘Great Zeppelin: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin in 1998’ to honor their inspirations. It’s composed of a live show where the band covered the most loved songs of the iconic band and another one in 20o2 called ‘Great White Salutes Led Zeppelin.’

Trying to honor their inspiration band with these two albums, the band recorded a live show where they only covered Led Zeppelin. Russell recently talked about Robert Plant’s reaction to their tribute and his voice. He stated that he heard Plant had said that Russell sounds more like him than he does.

Here is what he was asked:

“Did you ever get any feedback from anyone from the Zeppelin camp on your versions of their songs?”

Here is what Russell replied:

“The only thing I’ve ever heard was Robert Plant was told he was out of dinner one night, and he was bagging on coverage for ripping him off. He goes, ‘But you know what, that Jack Russell guy, he sounds more like me than I do.”

You can listen to the full interview below.