Roger Waters’ Huge Regret About John Lennon

The Beatles and Pink Floyd have a solid place in music history. Thinking about the Beatles, their popularity in all corners of the world resulted in an intense fan frenzy called ‘Beatlemania,’ and their contribution to popular music made them timeless figures in the scene.

On the other hand, Pink Floyd mesmerized millions of fans with their eye-pleasing stage shows and ended up being a leading figure in the progressive rock genre. These two iconic bands came across each other at one point during their career. However, there was something Roger Waters regretted after his encounter with John Lennon.

What Did Roger Waters Say About Meeting John Lennon?

The Beatles and John Lennon’s solo music efforts greatly influenced Pink Floyd. Roger Waters is a fan of Lennon and his principles. Moreover, he also covered Lennon’s classic hit ‘Imagine’ during a benefit concert for the Stand Up For Heroes.

In addition, Waters stated in a 2015 interview with KLCS that the Beatles showed everyone it was okay to write about feelings and express oneself. Considering his remarks, it’s for sure that Waters reflected these influences on Pink Floyd during his tenure with the band.

Back when Pink Floyd began their musical career, their path crossed with the Beatles. The encounter took place when the Beatles were recording their ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.’ At that time, Pink Floyd was also at Abbey Road to work on their 1967 debut album ‘Piper At The Gates Of Dawn.’

Speaking to Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast in a previous interview, Roger Waters recalled the time he met John Lennon. He said that he met the iconic frontman just for once, and that was in the control room at Number 2 in the studio. According to Waters, this incident was a massive regret because he and Lennon were snotty towards each other.

Here is what Roger Waters told Marc Maron about John Lennon:

“I only met John Lennon once, to my huge regret. And that was in the control room at Number 2. He was a bit acerbic. He was quite snotty, and so was I!

So, Roger Waters regrets acting unpleasantly toward John Lennon during their first encounter. However, Waters sadly cannot turn the tides now because John Lennon passed away in 1980 when a fan murdered him.