Corey Taylor’s Wife Alicia Criticizes Rock Bands Wiping Social Media Accounts To Get Attention

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor’s wife, Alicia Taylor, recently took to Twitter to express her views on a growing trend among rock bands – deleting their social media content for publicity.

In a series of tweets, Alicia Taylor voiced her opinion on the matter. She initially stated:

“I assure you a hefty number of bands and musicians at a certain level of success and above would absolutely love to delete all their socials.”

Taylor’s Response To The Fan’s Comment

A fan then suggested in a comment:

“Maybe they should. Fans aren’t entitled to access to band members; maybe if they want to keep it, they should stop acting like toddlers.”

She replied, clarifying her point:

“I think a big challenge is finding ways to reach audiences with similar effectiveness. I say bring back old-school renegade marketing.”

Recent Examples In The Music Industry

The practice of wiping social media accounts has been observed in several bands recently. Last month, fans of Paramore and Hayley Williams were left puzzled when the band cleared their social media pages and deactivated their website.

While some worried about the band’s future, others anticipated it as a hint of new projects following their departure from Atlantic Records. The band had previously taken a five-year hiatus after their ‘After Laughter’ cycle, adding to the fans’ speculations. They were later back with the announcement of a new project.

Sleep Token’s Cryptic Actions

Similarly, the band Sleep Token wiped their Instagram, leaving only a cryptic message, coinciding with a privacy breach involving one of its members. This act has led to various theories and concerns among their followers. One fan said on Reddit:

“People take things way too seriously. The band is a business. This is a marketing tactic. Everybody does this. Sleep Token is cryptic, but it’s part of the act, and it’s fun and great, but all this is for is to create manufactured hysteria. It will be fine, y’all.”

More recently, Bad Omens also joined this trend by erasing their Instagram content, followed by a teaser video featuring Poppy. The mysterious post has left fans questioning whether it’s a setup for a major announcement.

See the tweets below.