John Lennon’s Son Sean Lennon Declares War Against Straws

John Lennon‘s son Sean Ono Lennon recently shared why everyone needs to declare war against all types of straws and jokingly mentioned the only group he’ll exclude from that war with a series of tweets.

Lennon, an activist like his Beatle father and mother, Yoko Ono, also tries to raise awareness against climate change and other environmental problems, and it seemed that his current target is, well, all kinds of straws. Quite a modern war, one might I say.

Sean tweeted that people need to stop using all types of straws, including paper ones, since humans hadn’t needed them for centuries. However, although he was sure that civilizations could survive drinking without the help of a straw, he also had an exception for a group of people he thought could carry on using straws: those with a mustache.

The musician’s tweets followed:

“Maybe instead of paper straws, we can just forget straws altogether. I mean, humans survived for quite some time drinking directly from cups. It may be difficult, but I’m willing to learn.

Basically, if you don’t have a mustache, I don’t wanna see you using a straw. And I don’t wanna hear it from drivers; your sippy cup lid is just fine.”

After these statements, a fan who claimed to be in a wheelchair replied to Lennon’s tweets, noting that straws were essential to his survival as they needed to use them to consume liquids. Sean then quickly revised his words by adding the people who needed straws for survival to his list of exceptions, along with others who had a mustache.

Lennon’s reply to the user with a wheelchair follows:

“This [using straws to ensure survival] is an acceptable excuse. This and a fancy mustache. But that’s it.”

Another fan then shared his views with Sean by saying that the ‘war on straws‘ wasn’t a top priority among all the other issues societies faced; though, it didn’t waver Sean from standing by his statements as he didn’t take a step back.

The user said:

“How about we just deal with straws? If you feel strongly, don’t use them. This is infinitesimally low on the scale of global problems.”

Sean replied:

“Look, I know we need to avoid nuclear war and stuff like that, but don’t undermine the significance of the great straw wars.”

The young Lennon was quite determined about his mission against straws, never wavering when users pointed out that there were other problems that could be more threatening to the welfare of the Earth. Still, there were fans who also supported the rocker’s tweets as well, so I guess it’s a draw.