Wolfgang Van Halen Shares His ‘Eruption’ Performance For Its Anniversary

Mammoth WVH founder Wolfgang Van Halen recently posted a tweet to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Van Halen song ‘Eruption’ with a video of him playing it on guitar.

Van Halen’s classic hit ‘Eruption’ features probably one of the best-known solos of all time. The song was recorded in 1978 for VH’s eponymous debut studio album and showcased Eddie Van Halen’s renowned tapping technique, and it has remained a fan favorite.

Following Eddie’s passing in 2020, Wolfgang Van Halen has tried to pay tribute to his father whenever possible. As the musician was also a member of Van Halen before shifting his focus towards his solo career following Eddie’s death, many of his fans wanted him to play VH tunes during shows. However, Wolfgang wished to achieve success with his own music.

Wolf still deals with criticism for not playing Van Halen songs with his band Mammoth VWH. His way of responding to those comments is by using sarcasm. In 2021, he responded to these remarks by playing ‘Eruption,’ saying he should’ve just recorded the 4-note bassline to please them. However, Wolf’s most recent performance of ‘Eruption’ was for a different reason.

In a recent tweet, Wolf performed a part of ‘Eruption’ and used the guitar it was recorded on in 2015 while tracking guitars for the first Mammoth WVH album. Noting that it was ‘Eruption’s 45th anniversary, the musician didn’t forget to express his love towards his late father.

Wolfgang Van Halen’s tweet read:

“In honor of ‘Eruption’ being recorded 45 years ago today, here’s me playing part of it on the guitar it was recorded on in 2015 while tracking some guitars for the first Mammoth WVH album. Love you, Pop.”

Below, you can check out the tweet and watch Wolfgang Van Halen play Van Halen’s classic ‘Eruption.’