The Truth Behind Anthony Kiedis And Sinead O’Connor Relationship: Was RHCP Singer Delusional?


Red Hot Chili Peppers’ founding member and lead vocalist Anthony Kiedis has dozens of stories that may surprise you. In the singer’s case, his unconventional lifestyle started at an early age when he moved to Hollywood to live with his father full-time at the age of 12, years before he became the rocker we all know today.

Unlike many other parents, Kiedis’s father sold drugs, and they would often use marijuana and cocaine together. The future rocker even accidentally tried heroin for the first time at 14, mistaking it for cocaine. His life in the following years was unorthodox, as expected. The musician wanted to write a storybook entailing his childhood memories, especially his drug use, regardless of the pain he would experience from revisiting the past.

The project later turned into an autobiography named ‘Scar Tissue‘ and was published on October 6, 2004. Not surprisingly, the memoir is filled with unbelievable stories like losing his virginity at the age of 12 with his father’s then-girlfriend, seeing Cher naked, and the time he broke his back. One of the most unexpected facts in the book is that the RHCP frontman was in love with vocalist Sinead O’Connor and the two had a passionate love affair for a while. If you ask O’Connor, this is complete nonsense. Let’s take a look.

Anthony Kiedis Said He Had An Affair With Sinead O’Connor


According to his memoir, ‘Scar Tissue,‘ Anthony Kedis and Sinead O’Connor first met at a festival backstage in 1989. The RHCP singer was incredibly mesmerized by O’Connor’s performance as well as her enchanting beauty. As a result, he claimed to have fallen in love with her almost instantly. 

While thinking about the musician all the time, Kiedis ran into O’Connor in the streets of Los Angeles, and they started having a romantic affair and shared kissed. If you ask the Red Hot Chili Peppers icon, he was ready to marry Sinead, but she dumped him. This heartbreak inspired Kiedis to write ‘I Could Have Lied.’ Talk about passionate love.

Sinead O’Connor Strictly Denied Her Relationship With Anthony Kiedis


While Anthony Kiedis claimed that he was madly in love with her and breaking up was incredibly shattering, Sinead O’Connor doesn’t think that way. As a matter of fact, she denies that the romance happened at all, let alone having a turbulent breakup.

During an interview with Uncut Magazine back in 2013, O’Connor was asked about her supposed relationship with the Red Hot Chili Peppers vocalist. Surprisingly, she revealed that it’s true that the two hung out for a while, but it was far from a romantic relationship. According to her, Kiedis thought that O’Connor was head over heels for him, which wasn’t the case.

Furthermore, she felt things could never work between them when Anthony Kiedis gave her and her son Jake a lift to the hospital when the three-year-old wasn’t feeling well. While Sinead considered his gesture kind, the rocker later blew things up by trying to hit on her while they were at the hospital, which was inappropriate.

As for the kiss, the beautiful singer said that Kiedis must have kissed another woman with a bald head since she’s a hundred percent certain that she didn’t kiss the RHCP singer. Furthermore, Sinead stressed that she would wash her mouth for a very long time if she kissed the rocker, implying that even the thought of it is disgusting.

In her own words, O’Connor said:

“Ah, dear old Anthony from the Chili Peppers, or Walter Mitty as I call him. He claims there was some romance between us, which is absolutely untrue. I hung out with the guy for a few weeks. He thinks he’s God’s gift to women, and I think he had it in his head that I fancied him, which I utterly didn’t. One day, Jake, my son, who was then about three, was very ill, and Anthony gave us a lift to the hospital, which was very kind of him.

Then, inside the hospital, Anthony made a bit of a pass at me. I thought it a bit inappropriate to grope me, given that I was distressed and upset about my son, and I did lose my fucking head at him. And, as for his claims that he kissed me, it must have been some other bald bitch, ’cos it certainly wasn’t me. I’d have to wash my mouth out A LOT if I did anything like that, for fuck’s sake!”

You can listen to ‘I Could Have Lied’ below.