The Time Ozzy Osbourne Accidentally Poisoned Bill Ward

Every member of Black Sabbath was known for their substance addiction. Their crazy stories fueled by drugs and alcohol seem to never come to an end as the band had Ozzy Osbourne as their lead singer and Tony Iommi as their lead guitarist. While both members had a blast living the rock and roll fantasy, another bandmate received the most damage.

Unfortunately, their behaviors under the influence mainly affected the drummer Bill Ward who often experienced horrible pranks pulled by Iommi and Osbourne. In fact, the musician was once almost killed by his bandmate when the guitarist set him on fire as a joke.

Iommi wasn’t the only member of Black Sabbath who liked to risk Ward’s life with his ‘humorous’ pranks. Osbourne also once endangered the drummer’s life and his sex life by spraying a highly toxic aerosol on Ward’s genital area, thus poisoning him.

Ozzy Osbourne Sprayed A Toxic Substance On Bill Ward’s Genitals

As Ozzy Osbourne himself revealed during an interview, the incident happened while the band members were living in a Bel Air mansion and recording ‘Vol. 4‘ in 1972. Both Ozzy and Bill Ward were high on drugs, and the Prince of Darkness came up with a brilliant idea to prank his bandmate.

Osbourne found a spray can and squirted it on Ward’s genitals without actually knowing what was inside of it. As a result, the drummer started screaming and fell down from the pain he was experiencing. After seeing his friend in incredible pain, Osbourne looked at the can and saw it was a highly toxic substance that isn’t supposed to be sprayed on the skin, let alone the genital area.

Ozzy Osbourne’s statement on the accident follows:

“I see this aerosol can and squirt his dick with it. He starts screaming and falls down. I look at the can and it says, WARNING: DO NOT SPRAY ON SKIN – HIGHLY TOXIC. I poisoned Bill through his d*ck!

Years later, Ozzy Osbourne recalled the story very differently in his 2010 memoir, ‘I Am Ozzy.’ Interestingly, the musician said that it was Tony Iommi who sprayed the toxic substance on Bill Ward. Apparently, Ward was okay eventually but was stuck with a blue penis for a long time due to the paint.

In his book, Ozzy penned:

“One day, Tony gets this can of blue spray paint and sneaks around the other side of the railing, and when Bill starts pissing over the railing, he sprays his d*ck with it. You should have heard the scream, man. It was priceless.

But then, two seconds later, Bill blacks out, falls headfirst over the railing, and starts rolling down the hillside… ‘Ah, he’ll be all right,’ I said. And he was, eventually. Although he did have a blue d*ck for a while.”

It’s no surprise that Osbourne recalled the details differently after years of substance abuse, as he has admitted forgetting some of his memories entirely. In this story, another member of Black Sabbath hurt Bill Ward once again, who seems not to mind risking his life for the sake of pranks. Fortunately, none of their prank attempts seriously harmed the musician at the end of the day.