The Song Rolling Stones Removed From Their Setlist Due To Mick Jagger’s Sexist Lyrics

The Roling Stones is not a stranger to controversial lyrics as their early career is filled with them. While some claim that there was a time when people had higher tolerance towards sensitive subjects, others note that the marginalized groups were more silenced, and thus, they couldn’t react to the things that would offend them. Currently, freedom of speech has reached almost everyone, and being offensive comes at a price.

People can no longer make jokes at the expense of others since they could get canceled in the blink of an eye through social media. Today, we’re here to take a look at one of the Rolling Stones’ most controversial songs, and it’s not the notorious ‘Brown Sugar.’ It’s ‘Star Star’ from their 1973 album, ‘Goats Head Soup,’ which is entirely about a rock star’s sexual interactions with a groupie.

The Rolling Stones Stopped Playing ‘Star Star’

‘Star Star‘ is a song recorded by the Rolling Stones, released as a single for the band’s eleventh studio album, ‘Goats Head Soup’ in December 1973. The track was written by frontman Mick Jagger, and it had explicit lyrics which featured sex acts involving peculiar objects with groupies.

The song’s title was initially ‘Starfucker,’ but when Ahmet Ertegün of Atlantic Records insisted on the change, and the band decided to go with ‘Star Star.’ The original title speaks for itself as the lyrics were about groupies who were young girls romantically or sexually involved with rock stars.

The song first gained notoriety through its allusions to sex acts with fruit and the celebrity gossip involving John Wayne and Steve McQueen. However, the track is rather offensive due to the portrayal of the young girls as nothing sex objects who are hungry for fame, and they can be used and passed on to the next celebrity.

The entire groupie situation is very problematic on its own, but to depict it in a song that’s entitled initially ‘Starfucker’ is another level of offensive. While Mick Jagger defended the song in the past, saying that they simply wrote what they saw, The Rolling Stones made the right decision by removing it from their setlist.

Although the band was performing ‘Star Star’ during their live performances quite frequently, the Rolling Stones haven’t played the song live since 2003. It was clearly a mistake to write a sexist song, but at least they acknowledged their wrong behavior and stopped playing the song for good.

You can listen to ‘Star Star’ below.