The Reason Behind Steven Tyler’s Jealousy Over Joe Perry


The ‘Toxic Twins’ are an impeccable music duo and have created countless chart hits such as ‘Dream On,’ ‘Sweet Emotion,’ and ‘Walk This Way.’ Both Steven Tyler and Joe Perry are famous for their talents as musicians, but their personal lives are pretty popular as well. From their notorious love affairs to their excessive drug habits, the duo is one of the most iconic pairs in the history of rock music.

Despite being a legendary duo, Perry and Tyler can be defined as ‘frenemies’ since they have publicly come for each other during interviews. The most significant problem between the bandmates seems to be their jealousy, which they have mentioned multiple times. However, it looks like the band’s lead singer started everything as he envied Perry’s vocals.

Joe Perry Claimed Steven Tyler Was Jealous Of His Vocals


When Aerosmith released its fourth studio album named ‘Rocks‘ in May 1976, there was something special about the record. It was raw, rocking, and also featured Joe Perry on vocals for the first time. Although he’s primarily known as the lead guitarist of the band, Joe Perry is also a vocalist who occasionally shared singing duties with Steven Tyler.

The reason why he often avoids singing was revealed by the guitarist in his autobiography, ‘Rocks: My Life in and Out of Aerosmith.’ According to the musician, singing was Steven Tyler’s soft spot, and he was very protective of his role. In addition to this, Perry stated that whenever there was a moment for him to shine, his other bandmates, referring to Tyler, showed signs of jealousy, which is why he had to share the vocalist duties with his Toxic Twin.

In his book, Perry penned:

“This was a touchy subject because singing was Steven’s jealously guarded territory. Beyond that, anytime the spotlight shone on me, I detected a bit of jealousy from the other guys. After a while, though, the band came around and supported me, as long as I sang the song as a semi-duet with Steven.”

Even though the Aerosmith guitarist said his bandmates came around and supported him in his music, even if it meant bothering their beloved frontman, he sounded as if there was an unspoken rule among them. The rule kept everybody below Steven Tyler since he wanted all the attention.

Steven Tyler Said Joe Perry Is Jealous Too


Steven Tyler released his solo album, ‘We’re All Somebody from Somewhere’ on July 15, 2016, for which he worked from the fall of 2015 through the spring of 2016. A second single, named ‘Red, White & You,‘ was released in January 2016, followed by the third single in June 2016.

After hearing his fellow musician’s single, Joe Perry commented that he wasn’t impressed with his bandmate’s new work. In an interview with USA Today, the guitarist expressed how boring the track was by saying he would ignore it if it didn’t belong to Steven Tyler.

In the interview, Perry said:

“Hey, if I didn’t know him when I heard the song I’d go, ‘It’s okay, next.‘ I’m not going to say anything else about that.”

Following this statement, Steven Tyler responded during an interview with TMZ back in 2016. According to the singer, Perry’s comments have nothing to do with the music; it’s about the jealousy that runs in their family.

His comment follows:

Jealousy runs deep in this family. He’s doing what he’s doing, and I do what I do.”

On the bright side, both Steven Tyler and Joe Perry have somehow managed to work on their personal problems and release numerous successful singles and records for all these years. According to Perry, they are like brothers, and this will never change no matter what happens.

You can listen to ‘Red, White & You’ below.

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