Billy Sheehan Explains What Was Wrong With AC/DC’s ‘Back In Black’ Record

Billy Sheehan attended Todd Kerns’ YouTube channel and talked about how AC/DC made a mistake by shifting to pop music in their album ‘Back In Black.’

Billy Sheehan is a successful bass player who won the title ‘Best Rock Bass Player’ five times on Guitar Player magazine. Throughout his career, he worked with a lot of bands and rock stars and produced music with them.

In a recent conversation with Todd Kern, Billy Sheehan talked about how David Lee Roth made a mistake by switching to pop and even dance music. He stated that this was a bad choice because rock and dance fans hate each other’s genres.

This is what he said about David Lee Roth’s decision:

“And Dave, god bless him, he took a chance, and he went a little more pop, and almost dance, and unfortunately, it didn’t work because the dance people hate the rock people, and rock people hate the dance people, and never the two shall meet. If it would have happened, it could have been the most amazing breakthrough record of all time.”

He continued to state that a similar mistake was made by AC/DC. He stated that it is his favorite band of all time but in their record ‘Back in Black,’ the drums sound like disco beats, and like David Lee Roth, this is a mistake because of the clash between dance music and rock music.

This is what he said:

“I hope AC/DC fans don’t get mad at me because AC/DC’s my favorite band of all time, but ‘Back in Black,’ a lot of those drum beats are disco beats, that bass drum. The rest doesn’t sound like it, but you see a little bit of hybridization of the two together, it kind of works a little.

If the ‘Scyscraper’ experiment would have worked, it would’ve been an amazing thing, but unfortunately, it just didn’t fly for whatever reason. How many bands or records do you know of that are amazing, and it just never happens? It’s so many bands, it’s sad to see, so that was that.”

You can watch the entire conversation below.