Aerosmith’s Joe Perry Details His Current Relationship With Steven Tyler

Aerosmith lead guitarist Joe Perry opened up about his current relationship with his bandmate and lead singer Stephen Tyler during a recent interview with Ultimate Classic Rock. Apparently, the two band members are now closer than ever and Perry considers Tyler, with whom he was once at loggerheads, as his brother.

When Aerosmith was first formed and gained recognition in the mid-1970s with hit tracks such as ‘Dream On,’ ‘Walk This Way,’ and ‘Sweet Emotion,’ Joe Perry and Steven Tyler came to be known as the ‘Toxic Twins‘ due to their notorious partying and excessive drug use. Tyler and Perry would spend most of the time away from the rest of the band, getting high and bonding over drugs.

However, this fun and careless lifestyle came to an end when drugs started getting in the way of creating new material which led to some tensions that resulted in a heated argument between Perry and Tyler. Following that, the guitarist left Aerosmith during the recording of their sixth studio album, ‘Night in the Ruts.’ The remaining parts of Perry were played by temporary guitarists and the musician took a collection of unrecorded material with him.

Although the guitarist eventually rejoined the band, the relationship between the two bandmates once again deteriorated when the rumors about Stephen Tyler being replaced spread all over the media. Although Tyler assured their fans that he won’t be leaving Aerosmith, Perry confirmed the band was about to audition for a new singer to replace the singer. In response, Tyler’s attorney sent the band and its manager a ‘cease and desist’ letter and threatened further legal action if the band continued their effort to replace Tyler.

Since then, the two bandmates seem to have been on good terms since Joe Perry unexpectedly celebrated Steven Tyler’s position as Aerosmith’s frontman, calling him ‘the best lead singer on the planet‘ shortly after announcing they are looking for another frontman. However, the tension flared once again when Tyler was announced as American Idol’s new judge. Perry was upset with his bandmate as Tyler didn’t consult the rest of the band and that they found out about his decision through the internet.

As their relationship has been quite turbulent, Joe Perry recently felt the need to clarify the details about their current friendship during an interview. According to the guitarist, Stephen Tyler is the brother that he never had despite all the disputes and split-ups, since that’s what being in a band means. Furthermore, the two bandmates are now closer than ever which sounds thrilling to many fans after witnessing countless feuds between Perry and Tyler.

In addition to this, the Aerosmith guitarist gave some good news to the fans by revealing that the band is looking forward to hitting the road once again, which means that the band is probably getting ready for a tour. Even though the fans are excited to hear the details about a possible tour, they have to wait and see an official announcement to be sure.

Joe Perry’s statement on Stephen Tyler goes:

“We slowly glued back together. You could say that they had split apart more than when I left and then Brad left. There were other times when we were like, ‘Okay, that’s enough. We’ve done enough‘ whether it was Stephen or whatever.

That’s what it takes to keep it together but as of today, I consider him the brother that I never had. We’re probably as close together now as we’ve ever been and we are looking forward to getting back on the road together. It’s a long journey and the steps go sideways.”

You can listen to the whole interview below.