Ted Nugent Performs With Jack Blades, Fans Demand A Damn Yankees Reunion

After Ted Nugent recently shared the stage with Jack Blades, fans wanted a Damn Yankees reunion.

The two musicians came together in one of the shows of Blades’ band, Night Ranger. Ted’s wife, Shemane Nugent posted a video of them performing on stage and wrote in the caption:

“Who wants to see more Damn Yankees? (Besides me?)”

How Did Fans React To The Post?

There were many fans under the post demanding a Damn Yankees reunion concert. One said:

“I’m in. I missed the Damn Yankee days. Would love to see it happen again.”

Another one added:

“Yes. !!! Jack, Tommy [Shaw]. I know they would do it !! Michael [Cartellone] has a very heavy schedule with Skynyrd but should try to make time to do it. Very very long overdue. Let’s do it before time brings it too an end!!”

One other commenter also had the same wish:

“Yes!! Would love the originals to reunite for an album & tour maybe a live album?!”

Michael Cartellone Is Open To The Reunion

Another Damn Yankees member also gave a green light to a possible reunion. In an April interview with Backstage Pass Rock-News, Michael Cartellone said he and Nugent get along well. When asked about reuniting with Damn Yankees, the drummer replied:

“I would do it today.”

Then he talked about his relationship with the rest of the Yankees band members:

“We have all stayed in touch. In fact, Ted [Nugent] just texted me yesterday. So, we’ve all remained friends over the years. We have never said never. So anything is possible, but the reality is we have four very separate, very demanding careers.”

Cartellone added:

“And literally, to try and find a window of opportunity, even a few weeks that we’re all free at the same time, has proven to be an impossibility. So it’s not about the desire. It’’ literally just about the physical time can it ever happen because all of us would love to do it and maybe one day we can.”

Nugent and Blades performed together again last year at the Hendon Rocks party for select global ICSC Las Vegas retail conference attendees at The Chelsea in Las Vegas, Nevada. Blades posted photos from the event on his Facebook page and mentioned a mini-reunion of Damn Yankees with Nugent.

You can see Shemane’s IG post here.