Michael Cartellone Sends A Message To Ted Nugent For A Reunion

In a recent interview with Backstage Pass Rock-News, Michael Cartellone said he and Ted Nugent are cool with each other.

When asked if he would be open to a reunion with Damn Yankees, the drummer responded:

“I would do it today.”

The Musician Said He Is Good With Nugent

He continued, talking about his relationship with the other Damn Yankees members:

“We have all stayed in touch. In fact, Ted [Nugent] just texted me yesterday. So, we’ve all remained friends over the years. We have never said never. So anything is possible, but the reality is we have four very separate, very demanding careers.”

Cartellone referred to the lack of time:

“And literally, to try and find a window of opportunity, even a few weeks that we’re all free at the same time, has proven to be an impossibility. So it’s not about the desire. It’s literally just about the physical time can it ever happen because all of us would love to do it and maybe one day we can.”

Ted Speaks About A Reunion With Damn Yankees

In a 2022 conversation with Eddie Trunk on Trunk Nation, Nugent also shared his thoughts on reuniting with Damn Yankees. The singer said they stay in touch and joke about getting together someday to make music and perform again. He added:

“There’s no time frame or specific current plans. However, the threat remains palpable, the foursome of Damn Yankees should get a room together. I promise you, Eddie Trunk, I love those guys, and I’m with you, Eddie. I hope we can rendezvous: because they are such musical forces. They’re music forces, but they’re strict sh*t-kicker music forces. There’s a soulfulness to what Tommy, Jack, and Michael created every time we get together. It was nothing but a one hundred percent positive experience, and I hope that it does happen.”

Nugent previously revealed that he would stop going on tour. So, a Damn Yankees reunion could be a possibility in this case. Still, the rocker will keep performing shows. He recently announced Speakezy Rockouts, which started with a gig on April 13. Ted will also perform on April 20, April 26, May 3, and May 4.

You can watch Cartellone’s interview below.