Mike Shinoda Responses To The Speculations About His Interest In Illustration

Linkin Park icon Mike Shinoda shared a couple of tweets to react to the people who have been questioning his interest in collecting illustrative works especially NFTs by giving the main reason behind that on his official Twitter account.

As you might know, Mike Shinoda studied graphic design and illustration at Art Center College of Design of Pasadena before he chose to pursue a professional musical career and co-founded Linkin Park with Rob Bourdon and Brad Delson in 1996. Even though he decided to be a musician, Shinoda never lost his interest in art and different kinds of illustrations.

Shinoda channeled his education to his newest interest which is producing and collecting NFTs. He has been selling his own non-fungible tokens to provide financial support for the art students as a part of the ‘Michael K Shinoda Endowed Scholarship.’ Apart from selling his work, Shinoda has been following and collecting the other artists’ recent works.

In his recent tweet, Mike Shinoda responded to some people, who have been speculating about his interest in Avatar NFTs instead of the other kinds of tokens such as songs, tweets, and memes. Shinoda stated that he studied illustration and became an illustrator before he chose to follow a career in music. One of his fans also supported him by pointing out to the connection between art and music.

Shinoda’s tweet read:

“Some people have noticed my interest in PFP/avatar NFTs. I was an illustrator before I was a musician. My degree is in illustration. Hopefully, that explains why I’m drawn to illustrative work.

A fan added:

Album artwork has been a part of music for as long as I’ve been alive. Are people acting like this is strange or something?

It’s a dope side point, but it shouldn’t matter whether you were or weren’t an illustrator.”

Shinoda responded:

“They were speculating about why I seemed to collect a lot of illustrative pieces (as opposed to other styles)”

You can check out the tweets below.